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Sponsorship Program for Trainees           and Students in The Gambia

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FRONTERIS Gambia is part of the German FRONTERIS Group that operates in the sector of renewable energy, real estate and finance in Germany since 1996.
In order to improve the availability of education for young kids, 
FRONTERIS became the main sponsor of Sannehmentereng
Nursery and Lower Basic School. Thanks to this engagement FRONTERIS enabled the primary education of more than 30 children since 2007.

Starting in 2019, FRONTERIS Gambia supports young adults who seek to study at University of the Gambia, be part of an educational program at GTTI or any comparable institution but are unable to provide their tuition fees.


This support focuses on areas like business management, financial accounting, electrical engineering, constructing or nursery.


We typically cover half of the entire tuition fees. In selected cases we can offer a limited number of our scholarship holders to earn the remaining amount in our company as interns.


Interested in our program?
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Application Guide



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